Black people are not a monolith

on August 21, 2020

...or so I’ve heard?!

We represent all colors. All genders. All hair patterns. All religions. All nationalities.

Our stories are varied and beautiful. Through our pain, we have crafted a culture that I am proud to call my own.

We have different thoughts and views and opinions. However, the Black experience is continually forced into a box. Specifically, we are forced into the box that is synonymous with weaves and sagging pants and rap music, which, in greater (white) America, have negative connotations. Blackness is associated with crime and drama and dirtiness, when, in fact, Black is good! Black is Great!

Black is Loud!

Black is West Indian!

Black is Strength!

Black is Cornrows!

Black is Joy!

Black is African-American!

Black is Hard!

The media and popular culture continually promotes Blackness as one bad thing when it serves them and good when it is used by them. There are no double standards; Blackness can never be stolen because it was during the very theft of our lives that our Blackness was created.